Monday, October 02, 2006

Clueless men strike again

By Guest Columnist Genet

This latest scandal of the pedophile Foley shouldn't surprise anyone. It is typical of powerful men to cover for each other, and it is typical of men to never get the nature of sex crimes to begin with.

In patriarchy, men believe they own lesser beings -- i.e., women and children. Men have never been outraged at rape in war or sexual harassment in companies. In fact, I don't think men have ever cared about anything other than their own power and welfare.

How do I know this? Because men on talk radio slander women all the time, and I hardly ever hear other men call in outrage over this. I have never heard men get angry with sexist comments directed at women. That's right, I've never heard this. I never hear them publicly get outraged, and it's as if they are so sure of male supremacy that they can't conceive that they are even doing anything wrong.

When was the last time you heard Barak Obama get truly angry in public over sexist comments directed at women? When was the last time Andrew Young was outraged over slanders against women in rap music? When was the last time you ever heard any man publicly go on a rampage against the status of women worldwide?

I believe men are actually uncomfortable dealing with intimacy. Period. So you get this bizarre public behavior, and then you have the secret lives of men when they go home to "their families." You have few rules of law in the heterosexual home and the feminist movement had to fight tooth and nail to get the workplace cleaned up.

I challenge men out there to get outraged at sexism as much as you get outraged over racism. I challenge heterosexual women to get off your butts and get more political. Put the makeup away, get out a newspaper and start your political education. Stop deferring to men and start supporting other women for elected office.

Men, have some guts and speak up about the outrage against women in the public media. Straight women, stop being so afraid of expressing anger publicly and stop getting in the way of lesbians who do have this courage. Start thanking lesbians for getting you the right to vote -- Susan B. Anthony. Lesbians, get your butts out of the closet and stop hiding.

Women of America, start supporting your own peaceful revolution, and start claiming the law as something women should write.

Hastert and company, what would have happened if Foley had had the time to physically act on his "emails" while you waited for the election to be over? What penalty should you face for your silence? Will women of America get outraged over these good old boys, or will they sit around doing nothing?

I hate to be so blunt, straight women, but I don't see much action on your part a lot of the time. I hear you calling up those sleazy talk radio shows and actually agreeing with the woman-hatred directed at you. I see you change your last names when you get married like the well-behaved slaves that you are. I see you bowing down to men all the time, never fighting back, never even arguing back. I see your passive apolitical nature when you could be ruling Congress and the courts.

Stop cooking and cleaning for men. Stop being so nice to them when they're bad. Stop colluding with your oppressors! How blunt to I have to be?

IMAGE: Parody of Neanderthal Man, a 1953 film... still playing in most parts of the world.