Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oliver Stone strikes out again

By Guest Columnist Genet

I knew it was going to be bad when the opening scene was Nick Cage turning off his alarm clock, looking fondly into his children's rooms, leaving his wife and driving in to work on, you guessed it, "That Day In September." I remember it well, men taking over all the CNN broadcasts, men commenting, men wanting revenge, men running everything. I'd channel surf wondering where all the women commentators were. September 11 was the excuse "real men" needed to take over public discourse in this country. Think Texas, think Big Daddy, think throwing up by the side of the road!

World Trade Center is an insidious movie, because it blatantly uses September 11 to produce yet another horrible 1950s era movie, with men in charge, and women with children in the home. And I hate women and children stuck in homes! Sorry, straight mothers out there, I just hate this situation to pieces!

I've noticed that since September 11, we've had a worldwide glut of patriarchy run amuck. We've got the religious right-wing American men preaching, "Go back to babies and the kitchen," and we've got Islamic men preaching exactly the same thing!

What mystifies me is why are straight women worldwide not going ballistic about all of these degrading and stereotypical images of women? All you Straight Women out there in Blogland...Why is this? This lesbian ax-wielding-patriarch's-worst nightmare wants to know! Hummph!

Just when I'm about ready to scream SEXISM yet again in a crowded movie theater (this speech protected by the First Amendment, by the way), I saw an article in the Saturday, August 12th Los Angeles Times on the habits of Generation Y -- how girls use technology, and how, WOW, they're more adept at it than boys the same age. The article talked about text messaging, iPods, and all the latest teen crazes, but it also had some heartening statistics: 66% of teens, both male and female, hate images that degrade women. The Pussy Cat Dolls rated low on the "respect for women" chart, for example. A baby boomer Mom thought they were cute, her Generation Y daughter said, "Degrading to women."

Oliver Stone and his ilk never get this concept. World Trade Center made me realize that all his movies are about macho men, with terrible female characters. But a 14-year-old Generation Y boy would be offended at how women are depicted in Stone's films. He's thinking of his single working mom who is up making breakfast for her children and bringing home the bacon.

Despite the attempt by worldwide patriarchy to try to con women yet again into believing this nonsense about gender roles, we have a lovely new generation that is so media savvy that it can't be fooled.

I'm proud of the kids coming up in the world. I'm pleased that they really have changed. Teach your children well, your parent's hell will slowly go by...Yeah!!